Empowering Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs: From Bestselling Books to Impactful Brands with Arete Media International

Arete Media International Supports PURPOSE-DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURS with Writing, Publishing, Launching, and Marketing a Bestselling Book, and Using That Book to Build their Personal Brand and Impact-Driven Business.

Because writing your book is not just about telling your story...its about Fulfilling Your Kingdom Assignment with PURPOSE, PROFIT, & BOLD AUTHORITY.


More Than Words

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs, writing a book is not just a personal goal—it's a divine mission. Like ripples turning into powerful waves, your story may start as a whisper of inspiration but can resonate across the globe. At Arete Media International, we recognize the profound journey of sharing a divine message with the world, thus playing a pivotal role in God’s kingdom on Earth.

"Your Book Isn't Just A Product; It's A Platform."

As your trusted guide, Arete Media International supports you from the initial spark of inspiration, through the creative process of writing, to leveraging your book as a powerful tool for personal brand amplification and business impact. We provide comprehensive support in crafting compelling narratives, ensuring your message captures the spotlight it deserves through strategic marketing, bespoke branding, and precision public relations.

Our commitment extends beyond publication. We guarantee to elevate your book to Amazon Bestseller status, enhancing your credibility and spotlighting your message. Additionally, we assist in developing robust business strategies that transform your book into a profitable enterprise, helping you to identify and execute relevant income streams that align with your mission.

This journey with us is not just about authorship—it's a transformative experience, empowering you to step into higher realms of success and impact as a Kingdom leader. Your path with Arete Media International is paved with PURPOSE, PROFIT, & BOLD AUTHORITY, preparing you to leave a legacy of influence and achievement.

- Aisha "Wonderfull" Jackson


Our Comprehensive Solutions

At Arete Media International, we don't just guide Purpose-driven entrepreneurs in writing a book; we walk with you through every facet of the authorpreneurial journey. From the inception of your story, channeled through our adept ghostwriters, to its publication, spotlighted with an Amazon bestseller guarantee, we're with you.

Beyond the book, we amplify your personal brand, fortify the foundations of your purpose-driven business, and employ precision marketing strategies tailored to meet your revenue goals. Embrace our holistic suite of services and step into the next level of your destiny and Kingdom leadership.


Skilled Storytelling & Book Writing

Your story deserves to be told in its most captivating form. With our skilled and reliable team by your side, we do the heavy lifting for you, while ensuring your voice remains authentic while crafting a compelling narrative. Trust us to pen your words, ensuring your message is delivered exactly as it should be—powerful, genuine, and impactful.


Complete Publishing Solutions

Our meticulous attention spans from crafting the perfect book layout, creating captivating cover and interior designs, to ensuring optimal setup on Amazon. To cater to every reader's preference, we publish your masterpiece in three distinct formats: eBook, paperback, and hardcover.We handle the technicalities, so your message shines in its best light.


Strategic Book Launch

Launching with a bang ensures your message resonates far and wide.

Our dedicated efforts, from strategic planning to targeted outreach, aim to debut your book with maximum impact.

And with our signature100% Money-back Amazon Bestseller Guarantee, we ensure your voice is heard, recognized, and celebrate


Distinctive Author Branding

Your book is not merely a testament of your expertise; it's the foundation of your personal brand. In a world overflowing with noise, a well-crafted, authentically narrated book can set you apart.

By aligning your book's message with your personal mission and vision, we ensure that every reader recognizes, remembers, and resonates with your unique brand.


Business Growth & Development

A book is a gateway, opening up avenues for revenue streams, audience expansion, and new opportunities. Beyond the initial sales, your book can become the keystone of seminars, workshops, online courses, and consultation services. With our guidance, you'll learn to leverage your book's content into actionable, profit-driving initiatives. Our commitment is not just to the success of your book, but to the growth and scalability of your Kingdom-driven business.


Tailored Marketing Strategies

In today's saturated market, standing out is imperative. Your book carries a divine message, and we're dedicated to ensuring it reaches its destined readership. Through personalized marketing strategies and revenue goals, we set the stage for your success.

Our objective? To not only reclaim your program's investment but to surpass it, making your authorship journey both spiritually fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Unveiling Stories, Unleashing Purpose:

The Arete Media Journey

At Arete Media International, we believe in the transformative power of stories. We're not just a publishing house – we are architects of change, illuminators of purpose, and allies in the quest to amplify voices that matter.

Founded by international bestselling author, Aisha "Wonderfull" Jackson, Arete Media International stands at the intersection of passion and purpose. With decades of collective expertise in the literary realm, our team is dedicated to guiding purpose-driven entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to boundless impact. We know that behind every book lies a deeper vision, a mission to inspire, influence, and ignite change.

Our authors are more than just clients; they're partners. From the intricacies of crafting compelling narratives to the exhilaration of a successful book launch, we walk side by side with our authors, ensuring that their message not only finds its way to the page but resonates powerfully with the hearts and minds of readers worldwide.

But our commitment doesn't stop at the last page. With an unwavering focus on authorpreneurial success, we channel our expertise into turning books into formidable platforms for business growth and thought leadership. This dual focus on literary excellence and entrepreneurial success is what sets Arete Media International apart, making us a beacon for those eager to make their mark in the world.

Join us on a journey of discovery, impact, and unparalleled success.

Because at Arete Media International, we don't just publish books—we elevate legacies.

Transform your expertise into a legacy.

Let Arete Media International be your partner in writing, publishing, launching, and marketing your bestselling book. Together, we'll build your personal brand and impact-driven business with unwavering purpose and profit.

We believe that your book is more than just a story—it's a mission. It's about fulfilling your kingdom assignment with purpose, profit, and bold authority. Our suite of services is designed to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs through every step of their authorial journey, transforming their visions into impactful, bestselling books that serve as pillars for their personal brand and business.

At Arete Media International, our mission is to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to share their unique stories and visions with the world through the power of writing, publishing, and marketing. We are dedicated to transforming individual experiences and insights into bestselling books that not only fulfill the author's kingdom assignment but also build influential personal brands and impactful, profit-driven businesses. Our commitment lies in guiding each client with purpose, profit, and bold authority, ensuring their message not only reaches but resonates with their intended audience, inspiring change and fostering growth.

Meet the Founder and CEO of Arete Media International


Aisha "Wonderfull" Jackson is an internationally recognized bestselling author and a prominent speaker, leading the charge in transforming how Kingdom-minded authors share their stories. At the helm of Arete Media International, Aisha channels her profound commitment to advancing God’s kingdom through powerful storytelling that leaves a lasting impact.

Originally from The Bahamas and now residing in the U.S., Aisha has transitioned from a seasoned Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer to a leader in the publishing industry. Her journey is marked by numerous media appearances, underscoring her influence and authority in the literary and faith-based communities.

At Arete Media International, Aisha doesn't just publish books; she empowers authors to turn their messages into legacies that drive Kingdom values forward, blending faith with strategic business practices to maximize impact and income. Her workshops and programs are not merely educational—they are transformative experiences that equip participants to harness their narratives for leadership, influence, and divine purpose.

With a focus on helping leaders become celebrated authors, Aisha’s approach is straightforward: intertwine divine calling with practical authorship skills. Attendees learn to not only write effectively but also utilize their books as powerful tools for personal and professional advancement.

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